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Absinthe Pub & Coffee Shop

The Abinthe Pub and Coffee Shop has been part of the Winters community since the early 70's.

Owned by Winters College Council, we strive to build a safe and entertaining place for Winters students to go and maybe call their second home. 

Me, I've been a part of it ever since I was a frosh doorman in September 1979.

Since becoming the general manager in 1988, I have had the privilege of working with some wonderful councils, masters and of course staff. Staff are like snowflakes. No two are alike and they form in winter. Each year brings new faces but their goal has always been the same. Serve the college and the community in the responsible sale of alcohol while having a little fun along the way. Our Mantra (a play on coffee) has always been "an alternative to the regular grind".  

People often ask me what an "Ab Rat" is.

Here's the story. - In the early 90's a lot of older students were coming to the Absinthe to play darts. After awhile, the staff began to refer to them as "dart dinks" (dual income, no kids). They told us that they would prefer to be known as Ab Rats since we are located in the basement level and likened themselves to "the rats in the cellar"

Since then I have managed to produce t-shirts each year that I would give to the staff and a few fortunate and loyal absinthe customers. these shirts always contain a different depiction of a rat. From rat skulls to revolution rats, Super rat man to rat zombie each year showcases artistic talents, often coming from Winter's students themselves. It's fun to hear stories now of people traveling to different parts of the world and chancing upon someone on the street, at the aairport, in a bar or even once on a fishing trip wearing an Absinthe Pub t-shirt from years gone by.

We intended on having a lot of fun this year. Winters College Council will be putting on events like karaoke in the bar and the Ab. Staff will be trying things on for size like theme nights and give-a-ways. 

So when you come to the Absinthe Pub and Coffee Shop this fall, get to know that work for you and most of all, have some fun. It's part of what the college spirit is all about. 

My name is Ped and I'm and Ab Rat. 

Ian Pedley, General Manager