Here at winters college council, our commuter population is very important to us, after all it makes up the vast majority of our constituency.  Winters College Council strives to provide accessible events and continuous support to meet the needs of all our commuters. The director of commuter and external affairs works in constant collaboration with our Social and Cultural Affairs team to organize many diverse events throughout the year in regards to the needs of commuters in terms of scheduling and available time to spend on campus. In addition the Director of Commuter and External Affairs will also work closely with the Residence Representative to continually strengthen the relationship between the two constituent populations of Winters College. Working in direct contact with the residence council and Dons of Winters Residence, we plan multiple collaborative events to assist our constituents in meeting new people within the college. Here at Winters College Council we are extremely thrilled to have another great year with all our wonderful commuter constituents!

Boyan Demchuk, Director of Commuter and External Affairs

Are you a commuter? If so join our Winters Commuter Facebook Group below, to learn and share information about upcoming events and so much more!


The Junior Common Room or JCR, is a spacious area located in Winters College. Complete with pool tables and comfy seating arrangements. The Junior Common Room is a great place to relax between classes and hangout with other constituents of Winters College.

Private time in the Junior Common Room is also available to be booked by student groups or clubs looking for a space to practice, hold meetings, etc. 



The Senior Common Room, or SCR, is a quiet space typically used for meetings or lounge purposes. The Senior Common Room is available to be booked through the Masters Office by student groups or clubs. 

WCC Lounge

The Winters College Council Lounge is a small, quiet area attached to the Winters College Council Office. This calm space is available for any of our constituents to enjoy during our 9-5 office hours. The WCC lounge is an excellent place to study, or just hangout and take a quick break from a busy day. 

Dining Hall

Located directly across the hall from Winters cafeteria, the Winters Dining Hall is one of York's only remaining grand halls. This is another great place to study or hang out with friends. In addition, the Dining Hall can be rented through the masters office for student use. With a capacity of 300, this space is great for a wide variety of events. 

Masters Dining Room

A small dining style room complete with a large table and chairs perfect for a meeting . This space is rentable through the masters office.