Constitution & By-Laws

On this page you can find the Winters College Council Constitution and By-laws. Both of these documents are what the council runs by and are legal documents submitted to the master’s office, SCLD, and York. What are the differences in these two documents?

In our Constitution you can find the procedure for different aspects of council. For example, if you wanted to know our procedure for running elections, you could quickly look in the table of context to find the page location and read everything you need to know.

In our By-laws you can find the position specific duties to all council members. If you have ever wondered what exactly for example the VP of Internal Affairs job is, you could flip through our By-laws to find that information there. Also with the By-laws is the information about how the Artichoke (Formally the Winters Free Press) is run, how intramurals is run, even By-laws that we must follow for orientation week and much more. Currently at this moment council is looking into update the By-laws all the positions on council.

If you ever want to read the Constitution or By-laws in person we always have a copy of both in the Winters College Council office. Feel free to stop by and ask us about any questions you may have about them!

Monica Martinez , Speaker