A Message from the President

Dear Winters College Constituents,

I am honoured to welcome you to one of the most spirited places at York University. Winters College is home of many different types of students with very different backgrounds. This is a space for growth in the midst of diversity while embracing intersectionality! Not to mention the amount of networking and experiences you will get as a Winters constituent; we are so fortunate and privileged to have our voices heard and the ability to make a change both artistically and politically at York University.

At the root of Winters is the 50 years worth of traditions. We value our history and make it known to the world that we are open to possibility. Winters fights for equity, gives opportunity, and embraces diversity. As your President, I will uphold this and make an explanatory example out of student leaders.

Now get going, there’s a world out there just waiting for someone like you! Have a great year academically, socially, mentally, and physically. Make sure to always self care and cherish the memories made. This will be your home away from home so don’t be afraid to reach out and utilize the resources we have to offer you at Winters College Council.

One last thing, the rock hand is a symbol of strength. Each finger is a pillar to your success. The thumb is health & wellness; the thing that keeps you going. The index finger is passion & determination; the thing that points you in the right direction. The pinky is your opportunity & experiences; the thing that allows for growth. Every time you put that rock hand up, think about the strength you carry.

Much Love,

MadFish Fisher

President of Winters College Council