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A Message from the President

Dearest Winters,

I am so excited to welcome you into one of the most spunky and creative communities on the York University campus. We are home to many different people from many different places, and we are so happy to welcome you into our family. Here at Winters, we hope to not only provide you with a space to be your truest, most authentic self, but we also hope to offer you a space to grow; to do better and be better.

Winters, however, is not only about how we can improve ourselves. We are a small but mighty community full of dreamers, activists, creators, and change-makers. Whether you're looking to network with people like you or open your perspective toward those who are not, this is the place to be. We offer access to a variety of career, academic, and social supports that you can read about in part elsewhere on our website. If there is any programming you think we’re missing, we’re happy to hear about it!

With 52 years of history and tradition, Winters is a community that is always looking to innovate, refresh, and renew. That being said, the pillars of my presidency this year are consent, wellness, and accessibility - and I hope that you all not only feel empowered to uphold these pillars, but to hold me accountable to them as well. I am interested in education and awareness, which means calling in, not calling out. Here at Winters, we would like to believe the best in someone before we believe the worst in them.

People may tell you that what you're studying isn't worth it, that it's not a valuable use of your time, and that it'll lead you no where. We would like to prove those people wrong, not out of spite, but out of a pursuit of the truth. The truth is Winters, society would not be what it is today without art, without education, without people who push the boundaries of modern thinking. This community would not be what it is today without you.

And we are happy to have you.

LOL (lots of love),

Jessie Whyte
President of Winters College Council

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