Pub Nights

Pub nights are a fantastic way to come out and connect with the Winters community! It's a great opportunity to meet new people and make amazing memories! Every Thursday is pub night down at the Ab (The Absinthe Pub located on the lowest level of Winters College), and once a month, the WCC Social and Cultural Affairs team runs a themed pub night! Many of the themes change year to year, but a few traditional favourites you can look forward to include: Halloween Pub Night (prizes are given for best costume of the night!) and Lingerie Pub Night (come dressed in your sexiest get-up!)

Christina Bozios, Leanne Connor & Gloria Mampuya; So-Cul Team

This months Pub Night: 


It's the spookiest time of the year!
Come to the Ab this Thursday, October 25th for a little trick or treatin'!
Costumes are more than welcome, although we do ask you do not wear a mask. If you are bringing a guest that is not a York student, please make sure you both have ID and your York student ID to sign them in. 
So get excited, and creep over to your favourite campus pub this Halloween!
[Image Description: the graphic has an orange background with spiders and spider web designs in each corner. In the centre of the image, the text reads: "Halloween Pub Night." Below this, it states the time the event begins and the location: "@8:00pm, The Absinthe Pub."]