Hello Winters constituents! My name is Samantha Levy, and I’m your Winters College Council Residence Representative for the 2018-2019 academic year. York University has traditionally been a commuter school, but we also have a vibrant campus life, and a wonderful community in Residence. I moved to York University from Montreal, and immediately felt welcomed at Winters Residence - it became my new home rather than just a place to sleep.

Winters Residence has an incredible community, and part of that begins with our Residence Council. Residence Council, affectionately referred to as “ResCo,” works with the superb Winters Don team, specifically the Don of Leadership and Learning Opportunities (Don LLO), to create programming and events for Residents. As a part of my position, I sit on both Winters Residence Council and the Winters College Council.

If you ever have a question about Residence Life, College activities, or how to get involved in both, please feel free to reach out to me! I also hope this page can help to answer some of your questions.

Samantha Levy

Winters College Council Residence Representative, 2018-2019


Office Hours: 9:00am to 11:00am every Thursday

Residence Council

Winters ResCo is run by a group of passionate and dedicated students just like you, under the guidance of Winters Don LLO Abbie Mauno. We create, prepare, and run one active event and one passive event every month. We often incorporate elements celebrating environmentalism and multiculturalism into our work, as these are two concepts valued greatly across the Residence community.

If you haven’t already, also join the “Winters Residence 2018-2019” Facebook Page for posts about our activities.

Any questions or concerns about Winters ResCo or Residence Life, you can also contact Don Abbie, or you can write to our Residence Life Coordinator, Taylor.

Abbie Mauno (Don LLO):

Facebook: Don Abbie


Taylor Morihovitis (Residence Life Coordinator):


ResCo Members

Samantha Levy -- WCC Representative, Dawson House Representative

Benjamen Zondag -- Environmental Representative, Palliser House Representative

Eyad Tawfik -- Stephansson House Representative

Sara Masciotra-Milstein -- Fleming House Representative

Connor Williamson -- Tyrrell House Representative

Tesla Spoar -- Jolliett House Representative, Director of Social Media and Promotion

Tyler Preece -- Franquellin/Logan House Representative

Samantha Felix -- Residence Council Assistant, Spirit Ambassador

Megan Turingia -- PRYSM Representative

Kyra Wellington

Erin McKenzie

Roshni Nayar

Bethany McMorine