What is this?

We are a corporation. The WINTAB Student Union Inc. is a Non-for-Profit (NFP) registered with Corporations Canada, we have been a corporation within Winters since 2002. We exist because of our student operated pub the Absinthe Pub and Coffee Shop.

Who sits on the WINTAB Student Union Inc.?

The Board of the WINTAB Student Union Inc. consists of the executive members of the Winters College Council. The President, 4 Vice-Presidents, and the Treasurer all make up the board of directors who meet monthly and vote on matters to keep the corporation going. The Speaker of the WCC sits as the chair of this board but does not have a vote nor does the WCC Secretary who sits in to record minutes.

What does the WINTAB Student Union Inc. do?

We are here to do our corporate taxes and help to make sure the Absinthe Pub thrives as best possible. With the executive of WCC changing every year we also update our directors of the board and make sure our letter of continuance is up to date with the CRA and Corporations Canada. Without the corporation, there can be no Absinthe Pub & Coffee Shop and we would dissolve.

Check out the corporation on through this link to Corporations Canada!

What is the A.M.B.?

The Absinthe Management Board is the board that helps to ensure the Absinthe is doing well. This board meets on an as need basis but typically 2-3 times a term. When the pub manager has a concern with the pub they consult with the A.M.B. to see what best action or solution is needed to resolve or improve the pub.

Who sits on the A.M.B.?

The A.M.B. consists of 14 members, the voting members are; The WCC President, WCC VP Internal, WCC Treasurer, the Master of Winters College, A faculty fellow, An Alumni Fellow, Two Student Alumni, A winters student representative. The none-voting members WCC Sectary, WCC Speaker, the Pub Manager, the former Master of Winters College, the former WCC President.

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